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The Design Gallery - Varaschin


Detail, Originality, Beauty 
For five decades, Varaschin has worked with and perfected the concept of the weave in outdoor furniture, which serves as the soul of the brand’s beautifully designed pieces. Varaschin imbues its furniture with attention to detail, originality and aesthetic care, producing furniture that is undeniably stylish and visibly exceptional. Varaschin’s pieces work to connect indoor and outdoor spaces, achieving a perfect balance of lightness and comfort.


Stunning Outdoor Looks
Varaschin’s product range encompasses all your outdoor furniture needs over a variety of collections that provide you with a cohesive style. Products include sofas, sunchairs, armchairs, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, sun shades and accessories. Pieces combine high-quality natural and synthetic materials, creating durability to withstand the rigors of their outdoor lives. Materials include metal, upholstery, weaving and wood, with many products combining these elements to striking effect.