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Tradition of Excellence
Scavolini has more than 50 years of experience in designing and producing high quality kitchens, with Italian craftsmanship that has met the needs of three generations of consumers. What began as a small workshop in Pesaro has grown into one of the leading names in kitchens, bathrooms and living room shelving systems in the world. Scavolini places a premium on innovation and new technology, giving the brand a reputation for uncompromising quality. 


Proven Style and Quality 
Scavolini began its journey as a kitchen workshop, and has held a large share of Italy’s domestic kitchen market for more than 30 years. With a variety of classic and modern styles and a range of materials and colours to choose from, Scavolini offers a tasteful collection that you can adapt to create your dream kitchen, with utmost confidence in its quality and durability. 


An Evolution in Bathroom Furnishing
Building upon a high level of expertise in kitchens and shelving, Scavolini dove into bathroom furnishing with the same commitment to excellence and artistry. The brand works with prestigious architecture firms and its own renowned Design & Development Department to create gorgeous bathroom collections, offering you stunning forms, varied materials and finishes, and unconstrained customisation. These lines from Scavolini represent a shift in bathroom furnishings, bringing you style and high-level functionality.


Cohesive, Tasteful, Stylish
Scavolini’s limited offering of furniture comprises a collection of tables, chairs and stools that seamlessly fit with its line of kitchens, allowing you to create a cohesive look across your cooking and dining spaces. With both modern and contemporary styles spread across more than 120 products, available in a range of finishes, Scavolini provides variety backed by the brand’s commitment to quality in materials and production.