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Innovative, Durable Design
Quick-Step is an innovative, quality-focused brand offering top-of-the-line flooring solutions in laminate, vinyl and hardwood. Tracing its start to Belgium’s flax industry in the 1960s, the brand over time shifted its focus to wood and other materials and is a pioneer in the flooring industry. Quick-Step places a premium on beautiful product design combined with technical attributes that make them an industry leader in durability and longevity.


Stunning Flooring Solutions
Quick-Step’s wide product range includes the ideal flooring solution for every room in your home, with a vast selection of styles and finishes and a spread of price points that ensures suitability for any project. Across their collection of laminate, vinyl and hardwood offerings, Quick-Step has developed ideal finishing and treatment techniques to ensure durability, and offers corresponding skirting boards to give your home a finished look.