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Innovation in Design
Poliform traces its roots to a small artisan’s shop in Brianza, a district in northern Italy famed for its furniture craftsmen and production. The business as we know it today was established in 1970 with an industrial ethos that puts the company at the intersection of technology, innovation, design and uncompromising quality. Poliform is one of the leading furniture brands in the world, offering a wide, versatile range that gives you comprehensive style for your home.


Style and Function
The Poliform kitchen is designed around perfect functionality and innate style, a combination that effortlessly defines contemporary lifestyle. With excellence in material, finish and detailing, Poliform’s kitchen lines are at once an expression of the brand’s tradition of quality and its drive for innovation. Contemporary in style, Poliform combines refined and elegant design with highly technical developments that will enhance your experience aesthetically and functionally.


Freedom of Design
Design, versatility and function are all key tenets of the Poliform collection of wardrobes. Contemporary elegance and simplicity are trademarks of the brand, and the Poliform wardrobe is no different. Each line perfects the relationship between style and space, giving you freedom of design to ensure that all your needs are perfectly and practically met. Poliform offers solutions for wardrobes and walk-in closets, which integrate with their furniture lines for seamless cohesion.


Elegance in Expression
Poliform’s collection of home furnishings is built around an understanding that your home requires both stylistic coherence and an expression of your personality and taste. The collection includes beds, bedroom complements, shelving systems, armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, tables, chairs, sideboards, bookshelves, writing desks, carpets and poufs. All Poliform furnishings are designed for look, function and customisation, allowing you to create a unique stylistic language and personal aesthetic.