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A Celebration of Leather Furniture
Gamma is known for creating stunning leather furniture that blends impeccable quality with bold design and intrinsic elegance, a formula that has made the brand a favourite around the world. All products are made in Gamma’s Forlì plant, where the brand can ensure that its high standards are met thanks to its skilled designers and craftsmen. The brand embraces innovation with a focus on detail, each piece a celebration of hand-crafted quality and craftsmanship.


Gorgeous, Durable Quality 
Gamma began its journey with the design and production of sofas, but today offers beds, armchairs and a limited collection of complementary tables and accessories as well. Gamma boasts unparalleled quality in their premium leather skins, employing cutting-edge tanning methods to ensure a gorgeous aesthetic quality that lasts over years of use. Gamma’s craftsmen offer stunning detailing through a range of stitching methods and supplementary materials, which can be customised to your specifications.