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Flexibility and Cohesion
With striking Italian design and an unparalleled flexibility in style, material and price range, Colombini Casa offers versatility for a unique, cohesive aesthetic in your home. While they specialise in contemporary Italian design, Colombini Casa offers modern and classic styles across their product range, which includes everything you need to finish and furnish your home. Colombini Casa’s flexibility extends to non-standard dimensions and non-standard angles, customising kitchens, wardrobes and shelving systems to your space.


Custom, Unique, Functional
The Colombini Casa collection of kitchens is born of a passion for elegance, unique style and iconic Italian design. The collection boasts modern and classic lines, available in a wide range of materials, colours and finishes, factors that combine into an infinite number of unique kitchens. This variety also offers an array of price points, letting you incorporate Colombini Casa’s signature Italian design into your home no matter your budget.


Style, Space, Shape
Colombini Casa has designed a collection of wardrobes and organisation solutions that spans a wide array of styles, shapes and environments. Designed for function and style, the variety available from Colombini Casa offers flexibility and can be incorporated into a variety of rooms and spaces. Choose from a range of materials, finishes and internal organisation options to meet your specific needs and make the most, aesthetically and functionally, of your room.


Beautiful Design Throughout
Colombini Casa brings striking Italian design to your entire home with its range of furniture, which meets all your needs for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. The brand boasts a breadth of customisable styles across its range, which comprises sofas, shelving systems, cupboards, armchairs, tables, chairs, beds, chests of drawers, bedside tables, coffee tables, poufs, rugs, and accessories. Colombini Casa also offers fun yet refined options for children’s rooms.